Indonesia So Much Relax and Beautiful Scenery

Indonesia So Much Relax and Beautiful Scenery

First time we go to Indonesia and the biggest surprise to me is how spectacular the water and scenery was. Around every corner awaits a perfect photo opportunity.  I expected the beach and ocean to be nice but wow, it is way pretty colors of blue, green, turquoise, white, red, and all the others your eye can perceive. Everything during our stay was just right. Everyone was so friendly and nice and we always felt welcome. The food is spicy delicious, fresh and my favorite was Nasi goreng if I had to pick one. Indonesia is also quite popular for snorkeling and diving because the coral and fish are so plentiful swimming in clear water. I plan to return for some more scuba diving.

Spend the whole time relaxing and soaking up the happiness you feel when nothing is bothering you or needs doing right away. Just enjoy the day and take in the beauty nature that is all around you.

South Lombok, Indonesia
360 pano from hilltop, South Lombok

Our itinerary, although a bit hectic, introduced many places and really showcased much of what Indonesia has to offer. Of course Indonesia is a very big place with over 13,500 islands and many different people so we only got a little taste. We landed in Jakarta then the next day flew to Lombok island for a stay, next was Labuan Bajo and Komodo. There were others but these were the major stops.

One of the highlights of the Indonesia trip was scuba diving and snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and so many brightly colored corals and fish. It’s like swimming in an aquarium. We even had the luck to swim with manta rays and I mean really swimming with them up was euphoric.

Below are some photos with captions to describe the trip. However, this is only a tiny glimpse of our experiences and no photo can really capture the scenery like being there.