Shanghai’s South Bund Fabric Market

Shanghai’s South Bund Fabric Market

South Bund Fabric Market

The South Bund Fabric Market is quite famous amongst visitors and locals alike for its plethora of tailors and seamstresses. If you have any desire for custom made clothing then this is the place. Just about any kind of wearable items can be made to order and all you need to do is come prepared with an idea of what you want. Even better, bring a photo or sample for them to copy.

You’ll need cash for a deposit and payment because often credit cards are not accepted. But don’t worry, the prices are very reasonable for what you are getting. For example, a bespoke shirt starts around $15-20 and a full suite $150.

South Bund Fabric Market
Shanghai’s South Bund Spinning Material Market

There are so many vendors, around 300, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But if you have a plan and know what you want then it’s not too bad. For the first time, just walk around the place to see what’s all there and go back to shops that caught your interest the most.

So many shops to choose from

A lot of vendors specialize in a few things such as just shirts, suites, woman’s dress, etc. Most of the stalls are mini showrooms and you can see samples of what to buy. Of course, the colors, fabric, and details are all customizable. After you decide on what to make, there is a 50% deposit and then a return visit to try on the items. Often all is good and you can walk out happy with your new bespoke clothing. But sometimes, additional alterations may be required or maybe it isn’t up to your standards. So be prepared to have enough time for both the making and possible alterations. If you have no time, don’t worry, they can be shipped no problem.

Fine tailored suites

Lili's shop
On the 2nd floor you can find Lili who sells nice scarfs and belts.

Address: 399 Lujiabang Lu, near Nancang Jie
陆家浜路399号, 近南仓街

By Metro: 5 mins walk from Nanpu Bridge station

Hours: Daily, 9am-6pm