Narita Is More Than An International Airport

Narita Is More Than An International Airport

Narita, Japan is way more than an airport. Of course for most of us that’s all we know because so many international flights transit there. If you have a long layover an overnight or two in Narita is a great way to relax before continuing on. Of course now that I know about this cool little town, I will try to at least stay overnight when possible. It’s really that much fun and a great way to add to your travel enjoyment.

If you are going to stay in Narita, I highly recommend the Richmond Hotel Narita or a hotel nearby the train station. This way you are centrally located and it’s easy to walk around.

Narita (成田) is about 60 kilometers east of central Tokyo and only about 10-min train ride from Narita International Airport (Take the Keisei train one stop from airport).

Narita’s main tourist attraction is Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple, a large Buddhist temple complex that’s over a 1000 years old.

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple
Entering the Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple
Temple and sky
The Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple complex is fairly large and includes a nice park to walk around in.
temple pagoda
Pagoda inside the temple complex


Also there is Naritasan Omote Sando which is a quaint street with lots of shops and restaurants.

Omote Sando, Narita
Omote Sando is a great street to explore.
Rice cracker snack
At one of the street stands they were making fresh these rice crackers. So delicious.

The Kawatoyo Honten restaurant is a very popular place to have grilled eel. There is usually a long line out front but it’s worth the wait either on queue or wait for a slow period in the day.

Preping eel skewers
These are the eels being filleted and skewered for the grill.
Kawatoyo Honten restaurant, Narita
Simple goodness

Ramen Bayashi seems pretty popular with the airline crowd. Inside you’ll see many flight crew having a meal and the walls are plastered with airline memorabilia.

Ramen Bayashi restaurant
Outside the Ramen Bayashi restaurant in Narita
Narita, Ramen Bayashi restaurant
Delicious bowl of noodles from Ramen Bayashi