Stroll Around Tianzi Fang

Stroll Around Tianzi Fang

The Tianzi Fang (田子坊) neighborhood is a labyrinth of ally ways and old Shikumen style architecture which has been preserved and converted to shops. Although a bit touristy, the area is a fine example of old Shanghai and a lot of fun to walk around in. The area around Tianzi Fang also has much to do and explore such as shops, restaurants, charming neighborhoods and beautiful tree-lined streets.

Tianzi Fang is a great place to wander about looking at shops and try some stall food/drinks. The main area is quite artsy with many craft shops and art studios. This is the kind of place that rewards explorers as there are so many nooks and alleys to get lost in. Take it easy, look around; Perhaps go to a tea shop to relax and enjoy a cup of Pu’er.

Where to Eat

There are many good restaurants inside the main enclave and across the street in the mall. If you are not full from all the street snacks and such there are several sit down places that may catch your interest. Most are good although a little touristy.

Around the block is a great Singapore restaurant that serves delicious chicken and rice and other Singapore style dishes. It’s a small, local place and quite popular.

Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice (星洲小馆)
65 Jianguo Zhong Lu, No 1, near Sinan Lu
建国中路65弄1号, 近思南路.

Tianzi Fang Enclave

First, getting to Tianzi Fang should be easy as it’s well known to most taxi drivers and the metro line #9 Dapuqiao Station (打浦桥站) Exit #1 is right there. I prefer to take the metro because the station lets out into a huge food court and mall which itself is cool to explore.

A Nice Tea Shop Nearby

Just a short two blocks from the Tianzi Fang enclave is a nice little shop called Qiao Bing Shan Fang (敲冰山房) on 33 Shaoxing Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu . The tea shop is run by Miss Li who is quite nice and happy to offer you some tea to try. The tea shop stocks each of the main tea types such as Oolong, Pu’er, White tea, etc. They also have a good selection of handmade tea ware.

After walking around Tianzi Fang, take a stroll to the tea shop, relax and enjoy some tea. The teas sold are all high quality and sourced by the owner through factory partnerships and regular visits to local farmers in the tea regions.