Qibao Old Street: A Shanghai Food Street

Qibao Old Street: A Shanghai Food Street

Qibao (七宝) is an old water town located about 20 kilometers from downtown Shanghai which has a very popular food street.  Most days, and especially when the weather is good, people flock there to enjoy a stroll and eat traditional snacks. Qibao means, “Seven Treasures” in Chinese and the legend is there were seven of them around the area such as a Gold Lotus Scripture, a magic tree, and a golden chicken to name a few.

Wide view of canal

The old town is from the Song Dynasty and the temples, gardens and most architecture has been preserved from Ming and Qing dynasties. The narrow pedestrian streets are packed tight with shops. The North end is mostly souvenirs and stuff while the other side is foodie heaven. Plan to spend a few hours wandering about and sampling as many different items as you desire. Pro-tip: take it slow and nibble a little bit here and there.

Qibao Old Street

Quail and chicken
Looks like chicken and quails.
steamed buns
Steamed buns
salt dome and eggs
Quail and duck eggs and other chicken parts.

Of course there are also many shops selling things from souvenirs, toys, clothes, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to get caught up window shopping and buying stuff.

Personalizing a comb or other wooden trinkets
Several toy stores for the kids.

Getting to Qibao Old Street

  1. Take Metro line #9 to Qibao Station
  2. Go out exit #2 and look for Minzhu Road and/or a brown sign directing you to the Old Street
  3. Follow Minzhu about one block to the end and turn left
  4. Walk a short distance and you will see the Qibao bell tower on the Right

Address: Qingnian Rd Pedestrian St, Minhang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 201101

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Operation Hours and Fees

The town and pedestrian street is free to walk around. However, you’ll need tickets for attractions such as the museums and temple. You can buy a combo ticket (CNY 30) at the main entrance, where the bell tower is.

The  Street is open all day and into the evening. The museums and attractions are open form 09:00 to 18:00.

Qibao pedestrian street entrance at bell tower
The main entrance and bell tower. You can buy the attraction tickets here.

Wander Around and Eat

Although there are quite a few attractions such as the Qibao Temple and some museums, I really think the food scene is the best fun.