Chinese New Year in Ningbo

Chinese New Year in Ningbo

This year (2018) for Chinese New Year we visit Ningbo Park Hyatt Resort & Spa and NanTang Old Street in Ningbo. A very relaxing and quite long weekend where we spent most of our time at the resort enjoying fresh seafood, the tea-house, and simple relaxations around Dong Qian Lake. One afternoon, we took a shuttle into Ningbo city to visit the popular NanTang Old Street with its many street snacks and shopping.

grilled meat sticks

Nantang main gate
Afternoon excursion into Ningbo and Nantang Old Street


Getting to Ningbo from Shanghai by train is an easy two hours on the speed train. Then from the station to the hotel is 30-min taxi ride. Therefore, it’s comfortable to spend time at the resort and enjoy the local area around the lake. For excursions into Ningbo there is a shuttle service provided by the hotel.

tea service
The tea house was my favorite hangout



Our Ningbo Itinerary

Not really much to it for a relaxing long weekend.

Day 1: Take speed train from Shanghai to Ningbo main station, about 2-hours then taxi to Park Hyatt resort

Day 2: Relax at the tea house, dining room, gym, walk around the area, Chinese New Year dinner

Day 4: Take hotel shuttle to Ningbo and explore NanTang Old Street

Day 5: Relaxing morning then head back to Shanghai