Qiandaohu (Thousand Island Lake)

Qiandaohu (Thousand Island Lake)

Qiandaohu (千岛湖) or Thousand Island Lake is a lake and city in Zhejiang province, China. The lake, which was formed by the construction of a nearby dam, boasts over a thousand islands and clean water used in the production of Nongfu Spring brand drinking water.

Getting There

As of 2016, the only practical way to get to Qiandaohu is by road vehicle. A railway line is under construction and may be completed in 2018. Typically travelers first go to the major city Hangzhou by plane, train, automobile then transfer to hired car. Hangzhou to Qiandaohu by car takes about two hours.

The easiest, and most expensive, option is arrange transportation through your hotel. For example, a one-way trip taking eight people by minivan from Hangzhou train station to the lake cost ¥1200.

Depending on where you stay, transportation between places is limited to taxi or whatever the hotel can provide.

See & Do

Signpost at QianDaoHu

The “Animal Islands” such as Monkey Island and Snake Island which are  inhabited by said animals.

Take a boat tour that goes around to some of the larger islands and check out nice views and happy walks.

Sunset and star gazing are both enjoyable. The star gazing is not the best but for China it’s pretty good.

Take advantage of various excursions and activities provided by the hotel. For example ride bike or  go-cart (guided tour) up to see kumquat trees and nice views.

Relax. Enjoy walks and the stillness of a quite morning.

Eat & Drink

Qiandaohu is a protected reservoir and the fish that live there are good quality. Try Fish Head Soup, a local specialty available in many area restaurants and hotels.

龙井 Longjing Tea
Longjing is pan-roasted green tea from the area of Longjing Village near Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, China. The tea is produced by hand and famous for being high quality.

Where to Stay

Intercontinental One Thousand Island Lake Resort is an excellent resort where you can spend an a long weekend. From the hotel there are many options for exploring the area such as organized tours or solo exploring.

We stayed at the Intercontinental for three days and enjoyed many activities including massage, swimming, hikes, bike rides, hanging out in the lounge, and much more.

The restaurant is good as was the breakfast buffet. A short walk from the hotel is a “farm house” restaurant. It is Chinese style and the appear to focus on fresh lake fish dishes.