Guilin, Yangshuo and the Money Shot

Guilin, Yangshuo and the Money Shot

Guilin is a scenic city in North Guangxi, China and very well known tourist destination and starting point for the Li River cruise. Guilin means “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus”, owing to the large number of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees located in the city. We flew into Guilin city and stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel for a couple nights. Afterward we drove to Yangshuo to spend a few nights at Zen Garden Resort.

Andy of Yangshuo Private Tours was our driver and guide for the week. Andy put together a great itinerary for our Guilin and Yangshuo tour. We visited old Yao village and rice terraces, Reed Flute Cave, Yangshuo bike riding, Li River cruise, and much more.

Guilin and Longji Rice Terraces

Rice terraces near Guilin
Longsheng (Dragon’s Back) Rice Terrace

Our first stop was to a village known as the “Long Hair (Huangluo) Village” where the famous Yao ethnic group believe that women’s long hair can bring longevity, wealth and good luck, which means that the longer a woman’s hair is, the more luck she will bring her family.

Afterward we went up into the mountains for a hike around old rice terraces and villages.

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Rice terrace hiking path
Hiking path up in the rice terraces was easy once you climbed up all the stairs to the top.


Yangshou is about an hour drive from Guilin and is not very big with about 30,000 residence. It’s very popular tourist destination and gets very crowded in the summer time. We enjoyed a few days of quite and beautiful scenery. I would totally go back for some R&R and again would stay at the Zen Garden Resort.

A short drive from Yangshou is the town Xingpingzhen which is where you can find the famous river scene depicted on the 20-yuan bank note. This part of the river is very popular for tourists to take short rides on the many motorboat-rafts.

20 Yuan Note Scene at Xingpingzhen
ZOMG! The money-shot!

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