A Nice Stroll Around XinChang Ancient Town

A Nice Stroll Around XinChang Ancient Town

Xinchang Ancient Town
Read this sign and lemme know if you understand the English translation.

XinChang Ancient Town (新场古镇) is a charming water town nearby Shanghai. Take a break from the busy city and enjoy a peaceful lunch next to the canal. That’s what I did.

XinChang was also known as Xin Yan Chang which means “New Salt Place”. The town belonged to a salt manufacture that operated nearby the sea. At some point they moved the production to XinChang so it’s called “New Salt Place”. Salt traders would come to the town to do business and the town did well. There are still many drinking halls and tea houses where you can go and have a relax.

Also of note is the famous director Ang Lee filmed the movie Lust, Caution in Xinchang which adds to it’s already deserved fame.

Getting to XinChang Ancient Town

Address: China, Shanghai Shi, Pudong Xinqu, 新场镇海泉街128号 邮政编码: 201314

  1. Take metro line 16 to XinChang station.
  2. Go out exit #2 to catch bus number 1108 to to 仁义路沪商公路 (Rényì lù hù shāng gōnglù)
  3. The town is about 3 1/2 km from metro station.
  4. When you get off the bus it’s not clear where you need to go so you’ll have to use the map.

Google Map Here

Note: Upon exiting the train station you may find people offering you a ride; These are illegal taxis. They were asking 45元 which is way too much.

Sightseeing and Good Eats

Something I enjoyed and found interesting is people actually live here. A lot of the water towns are like amusement parks with entrance fees, gates, and such. This one seems more like a neighborhood, albeit a little touristy.

It’s easy to spend a few hours walking around and window shopping. There are many food stalls and little shops. Every now and then you will be gifted with the wafting fumes of stinky tofu. Salted pickled vegetables are popular too.

Try one of the many tea houses to sit and enjoy a good Chinese tea and reflect on your life. There are some beer houses too.

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