Nanxiang Old Street, Birthplace of Xiaolongbao

Nanxiang Old Street, Birthplace of Xiaolongbao

Nanxiang Old Street 南翔老街 is a well preserved old town about 35 minutes metro ride from central Shanghai. The town was a major business center long ago and claims a history of over 1500 years. You can enjoy scenic walks along cobble stone streets and enjoy shopping, eating and sightseeing. In the center part are two large, stone pagoda and an ancient water well.

Nanxiang is the birthplace of the famous dumpling known as Xiaolongbao. There are several restaurants and shops along the streets selling these delicious treats. Interestingly the oldest and most famous of the restaurants, Nanxiang Steamed Bun, is now moved to Yu Garden.

Getting to Nanxiang Old Street


  • Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
  • Local Name:南翔老街
  • Local address: 嘉定区南翔镇

Metro Directions:

  1. Map to Nanxiang Old Street
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    Take metro line number 11 to Nanxiang station

  2. At the Nanxiang station go out of Exit number 2 then immediately down the stairs to the right
  3. Downstairs is a taxi stand if you prefer
  4. If walking, cross the street to Zhongjia Road and follow it down a little way to a large intersection
  5. Cross the intersection and the road name becomes Minzhu Road
  6. Keep going about 15 minutes till get to Guyiyuan road
  7. Look diagonally to your right across the street the entrance to Nanxiang Ancient Town (Heping Road)
  8. Follow down Heping Road a few minutes and you’ll be there