Good Eats in Seoul

Good Eats in Seoul

Myeong-dong District in Seoul, South Korea

There is so much to see and do in Seoul, South Korea however this post is pretty much about the food. I love the food scene in Seoul and everything I tried was delicious.


We stayed at The Westin Chosun Seoul hotel which is located right next to, or in, the Myeong-dong District. The hotel is in a superior location for access to metro, shopping, and dining. The room was comfortable and the bathroom toilet is the kind that has a heated seat and squirts water on your butt. I just love those hi-tech toilets and I gotta get one when I move back to the U.S.

Good Eats in Seoul

Street Snacks

One of the first things we did upon arriving was go walking about and try street foods. All along the pedestrian street you could find many different things to try.

I think this is shrimp.
So many different street snacks to try. I did not always know what I was eating but no worries, it’s all good.
Sea critters for the eating
Octopus, squid, and the like are very popular.
Food stall in Myeong-dong
This French fry covered meat tube snack was absolutely fantastic.


One of our favorite restaurants is Parc in Itaewon. So good we dined there more than once. The set menu is easy and a full enjoyment experience. Everything was visually appealing and delicious. Seating is limited therefore reservation recommended.

Dinner spread at Parc restaurant
One of our meals at the Parc restaurant.

We tried BBQ at a few places such as Maple Treehouse and Chamsookgol. Chamsookgol seems to focus on the meats and they were quite delicious but a bit expensive. Actually, very expensive and we spent around $300 for our meal which was a bit small and no drinking. Maple Treehouse on the other hand, brought out many little dishes, called banchan.

Korean BBQ at Chamsookgol
Superior quality meats at Chamsookgol.
Maple Tree House in Itaewon
At Maple Tree House we had all sorts of tasty banchan.

Another favorite of ours was Myeongdong Kyoja Main which was a very simple place offering just a few items. All you can eat kimchi brought to your table is so intense and delicious. Simple, easy ordering, and vibrant flavors. Cash only so be prepared.

Myeongdong-Kyoja restaurant
Simple and delicious specialties.

Activities and More

Although we could just stumble around bars and restaurants the whole time there are lots of other things to do as well. In between eating street snacks and dining out there were some fun things to do such as the 3D Black Art Museum, Insadong, museums and parks like Seoul Forest, etc.

Of particular mention is the Samsung Museum of Art. During our visit we thoroughly enjoyed a very cool exhibit by Olafur Eliasson called, “The parliament of possibilities.”

Try out Nanta Theater for a show about some kids in a kitchen who’s boss tells them they must prepare a bunch of meals. Hilarity ensues when the boss promotes his nephew while demoting another to janitor. They beat on pots and pans for awhile and do some dramatic dancing. One of team members is a girl and she’s pretty hot. So naturally there is some cutesy romance-triangle comedy plot going on too. Then more banging of kitchen knives on a cutting board and vegetables go flying. Spoiler alert: they all become great teammates and probably good friends and get all the dishes prepared on time. Best show ever. I recommend to all my friends.