Han City Fashion & Accessories Plaza

Han City Fashion & Accessories Plaza

Han City Fashion & Accessories Plaza is one of several “fake markets” in Shanghai, located near People’s Park in the downtown Puxi area. Hundreds of stalls come together with aggressive merchants hocking everything from headphones to hand bags.

I am fairly certain everything name brand is fake. Ha, ha just kidding…everything is fake! Of course bargaining for fake designer bags is part of the allure anyway, so I’m told.

Getting There

Map from metro to Han City Plaza
10-minute walk from metro station

Han City Fashion & Accessories Plaza
Nan Zheng Building
580 Nanjing W Rd.
Jing’an, Shanghai, China

南京西路580号, 近成都北路

Take metro line #2 to West Nanjing Road then head towards Chengdu Rd. intersection. The Plaza building is on your left at the corner and entrance next to the Burger King.

Use Google Maps

Use Smart Shanghai iPhone app for a taxi-friendly address.

See & Do

The stall merchants are pretty aggressive but manageable. When you are ready, engage someone and begin haggling. Many will offer you additional items “in the back room,” which I would only consider if shopping with others along for the private viewing. The back rooms often feature many more items, so it’s worth a look-see at least once.

Don’t even start the process unless you are sure you want to buy something. Keep in mind the starting prices, although 4x too high, are still pretty good. Try starting your bid at 25% of the asking price. They will act offended and make a fuss, then you know it’s game-on. You’re not gonna get ripped off*. Be reasonable and have a good time.

A local Shanghai relocation guide summarizes it best: “Market vendors are fully aware of the money [that foreigners spend] and will begin with an outrageous price, usually displayed on a calculator. This tactic is best countered with a smile and a very low offer on your end. Try offering an expression of shock, grabbing the calculator, and punching in a counter offer that is about 25% of the original price, and then working towards an agreeable number…The way to get the best price is to first consider what value the item is to you.”

*Ok, you might get ripped a little unless you’re a pro haggler.