Dragons in Bangkok

Dragons in Bangkok

Our visit in Bangkok was rather short but fun enough. One thing that struck me about the city is the traffic. It does not look so bad but it really takes a long time to get anywhere by car. You are often better off to use the sky train (metro) and/or walk. There are plenty of tuk-tuks which is a fun way to get around if not too expensive.

Of course the food in Bangkok is delicious and just about everywhere you can find street vendors selling all sorts of snacks like meats, fruits, fried things, etc.

Komodo Dragons!

Lake lizard
Komodo dragons all over the place at the lake.

I was looking for Geocaches to grab and I found one at a park nearby our hotel. Little did I know that Lumpini Park is sort of famous for having a lot of “wild” komodo dragons. Of course I have never seen one before and was quite alarmed by how big they are. Some were easily two meters long!

lizard at the lake
Huge lizards were very calm and didn’t seem to mind people.
Dragon looking at me
We found many of these lizards at a park lake

Train Night Market

Another fun activity is the Train Night Market. It’s a little touristy but don’t let that deter you from going. The vibe and energy is a lot of fun. Also, it’s quite easy to hang out, shop, drink a lot, and try plenty of “street foods”. Overall a fun time and good way to spend an evening.

Tuk Tuks and Shopping

As mentioned, getting around by tuk-tuk was the way to go for a quick little fun. They are not too expensive; Like $6 to go a few miles/20-min.

If shopping is your thing, then Bangkok has plenty. Jim Thompson is quite famous for their silks. There you can find all sorts of items to buy at the museum and store where most visitors go. And of course there are plenty of street side shops to browse. Best way is get out and walk and duck into little shops and side streets.


Tuk-tuk in Bangkok
Tuk-tuks are all over the city and very convenient; Fun too.
Street in Bangkok
Just a view of the modern skyline, wires, and some traffic
Tom yum martini
Never had a tom yum martini before and it was quite good!
Dinner at Central Embassy food court
Very good meal at the Central Embassy food court