Fun and Easy Day Trip to Sheshan Park

Fun and Easy Day Trip to Sheshan Park

Sheshan Park 佘山 is a hill of about 100m high west of Shanghai, China. On top are an old Jesuit observatory (a museum now) and The Sheshan Basilica. The observatory complex was founded by French Mission Catholique in 1872. Sheshan Basilica is the largest Catholic cathedral in Southeast China and was built around 1863.

Shanghai is flat as a pancake so this hill, although only 100m, sticks out. Sheshan Park makes for a fun day trip to go hike about, check out the observatory, Basilica, and relax. You can totally get out there, do your thing then return to Shanghai by dinner time. It’s a great day trip. Leave early, have lunch at a “peasant food” restaurant and enjoy your life.

Sheshan Park is in Songjian area with a few other interesting destinations worth doing. There is Happy Valley Amusement Park and a water park which was the most best before Disney came into town. Not too far way is Thames Town, a replica English town.

Getting to Sheshan Park

The metro takes about an hour from downtown Shanghai.

Take the metro line number 9 to Sheshan station, then get a cab to Xi Sheshan (西佘山). The cab ride is about ten minutes and super easy. There is also a sightseeing bus and the regular bus line #92.

Address: China, Shanghai, Songjiang, Waiqingsong Hwy, 佘山塔弄口

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